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What makes us different? Genuine 100% free range humanely raised Pork and Lamb, Hogget and Mutton - direct and fresh from our farm. We only sell what is born and bred on our farm.

Are you looking to support a farmer who can look you directly in the eye and tell you every aspect about their farm, their beliefs and how they look after their animals?

A farm where they only sell what they grow?

A farm from where the person selling you meat or answering your questions is the same person that has been tending to the animals, fences and all other aspects of farm life?

A farm committed to the welfare, happiness and well being of its free range animals?

A farm that does not feed antibiotics, chemicals or genetically modified feeds.

A farm where pigs keep their tails and teeth and sheep have long beautiful tails.

A farm small enough to know every animals in its care - but large enough to supply you with genuine humane, free range pork, lamb, hogget, mutton and small goods?

A farm that cares enough about the diversity and future of our farm animals to home and breed the very Rare Tamworth Pigs and Persian Sheep.

A farm in which sheep bounce around with fat tails, pigs run around with curly tails and piglets are nestled into their mothers side - free from bars and contraints.

A farm where every life is valued and everyone gets given a go?

A farm where like our animals customers are valued?

A farm when they say they are 100% free range - are actually 100% free range?

 G'day our names are Tim & Belle - we are pleased to meet you - Welcome to Tillari.

We welcome you to have a look through our website where you can find out about our farm, our values and can order our 100% free range pork, lamb, mutton, hogget, bacon, ham and other small goods online.  If you have any questions please send us an email or give us a call.  If we are unable to take you call we are probably in the paddocks and will return it as soon as we get in.

QLD's Smallest and most personal APIQ farm


Farmers Markets - March

Wednesday 18th - Fig Tree Pocket

Sat 21st Moggill Markets

Sun 22nd Gap Markets


Sat 4th & 18 - Moggill Markets

Sunday12th Felton Food Festival

Sunday 26th Gap Farmers Markets


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Phone: 07 4667 426907 4667 4269